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Assia Medical Group

The Assia Medical Group was established in 2004 in order to provide private medical services of the highest standards in Israel.

The Group operates according to the successful American model, Group Practice. It’s work is based on collaboration among Israel’s leading physicians, who are senior surgeons and directors of departments in the country’s main hospitals. As a result, Assia Medical’s clients are able to receive comprehensive consultations and treatment from specialists with extensive experience in various medical disciplines, all under one roof. Assia’s doctors receive continuous peer review and strive to provide ongoing and complete solutions, even in the most complicated cases.


  • Prof. Micha Rabau was the director of the Unit of Proctology at Ichilov Hospital for many years.
  • The late Prof. Abraham Cherniak served as the director of the Department of General Surgery and Patho-biliary Surgery at Sheba Hospital.
  • Dr. Amir Szold is a senior surgeon and founder of the Unit for Endoscopic Surgery at Ichilov Hospital.

Prof. Rabau and Dr. Szold are included in the annually published list of Israel’s top physicians and they hold senior positions in medical organizations and professional associations in Israel and abroad.


The Assia Medical group benefits from the services of private medical centers that are among the best in Israel. The modern operating theaters we use are equipped with the latest technologies and meet the most rigorous medical standards in Israel.


The Center for General Surgery provides state-of-the-art professional solutions for surgical treatments, including: oncologic surgery; liver, pancreas, and biliary tract surgery; upper and lower digestive system surgery; coloproctological surgery; gastroenterology and laparoscopic surgery; vascular surgery; chest surgery; clinical oncology; neurosurgery; urology emergency medicine; and invasive radiology.


Lady Assia is a multidisciplinary medical center for breast health whose exclusive working model brings together the very best physicians and specialists and provides a solution to all the needs of the patient, including surgery, plastic surgery, oncology, oncoplastics, and genetics.

The Center offers a comprehensive array of medical and administrative support and provides close personal counseling and guidance to every patient during all the stages of the treatment.

Lady Assia’s Services:

Periodic breast examinations
Collaboration with Assuta Hospital for imaging examinations, including mammographes, ultrasounds and biopsies. This enables us to obtain prompt results, thus minimizing the patient’s tension and anxiety.
Consultations and surgery by top surgeons
Reconstructions by a plastic surgeon
Oncologic and genetic counseling



This is a leading multidisciplinary center in Israel for weight loss surgery and for the treatment of obesity. In response to the sharp rise in obesity rates in Israel, the Center was established in 2005 in order to provide personal and professional treatment to those suffering from obesity. The Center guides the patients on a long-term basis and offers guidance during the weight loss process and throughout the post-weight loss maintenance stage.

The Malbi Center is a pioneer in the multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of obesity, and was the first one in Israel to begin treating extreme obesity by means of guidance by specialists from all the relevant disciplines: bariatrics, nutrition, gastroenterology, plastic surgery, etc.

MALBI’s Services:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of obesity from the medical, psycho-social and dietary standpoints
  • Support and guidance to every patient before, during, and after surgery, including providing tools for coping with the expected post-operative changes
  • Preparing a customized medical weight loss plan

Customizing either a surgical solution for the patient, whether it is a gastric sleeve,

gastric bypass, or duodenal bypass, or non-invasive obesity treatments, such as

endobarrier or gastric balloon insertions.

  • Providing a comprehensive surgical package that includes guidance and a follow-up by the entire treatment staff for one year in a support group
  • Surgery for body design following a weight loss
  • The gastroenterology and dietary center performs routine endoscopic procedures, such as gastroscopies, colonoscopies and stent insertions, as well as providing comprehensive dietary counseling. It also performs non-invasive procedures for the treatment of obesity, such as gastric balloon and endobarrier insertions.


The medical centers of Assia Medical provide a high level of individualized service which is patient-customized and responds sensitively to the patient’s every need. The chief advantages of Assia Medical’s private services are:

  • Shorter waiting times for tests and surgery.
  • The pre-operative unit performs all the necessary tests for the surgery, concentrating their execution in one place as efficiently as possible.
  • The team of resident physicians and nurses are always available. In addition, a private surgeon advises the patient during the entire period of hospitalization.
  • A paramedical staff including dieticians, psychologists, and psychotherapists complete the advice and support team.
  • An administrative staff manages all the financial and bureaucratic aspects of the surgery for the patients, including submitting the forms and reimbursement applications to the health funds and the insurance companies.
  • Hospitalization amenities are among the best and most comfortable in Israel. It is also possible to choose a private room providing a five star hotel standard of hospitalization.


Because the Assia Medical Group has established itself as a medical center of the highest international standard, and because it enjoys the services of physicians who are renowned  specialists in their fields, many medical tourists from all over the world are choosing to come to Assia Medical in order to benefit from its exclusive treatment.

Assia Medical operates a special department for medical tourism, with a multi-lingual staff that provides VIP service to tourists and dedicates itself to taking care of all the procedures surrounding their hospitalization. The patients who come to us from abroad benefit from the most professional and highest quality medical care provided under the best conditions and in such a way to minimize their stays in Israel.

Always at your service,

Assia Medical

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