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Medical Tourism

The Assia Medical Group was founded in 2004 with the goal of providing advancedmedical services based on the successful American ‘Group Practice’ model. This working method is based on cooperation between a team of specialists, composed of leading physicians in Israel, who are senior surgeons and directors of departments at the principal hospitals. The working model offers multidiscipline consultation and treatment by specialists from complementary medical disciplines, under one roof.Working together in a large team, specialists, in a variety of fields, make it

possible to provide an ongoing opportunity for improved results and additional hospitalizations, multidiscipline counseling and continuous cross-checking between Assia Medical was founded by: Prof. Micha Rabau, Director of the Proctology Unit at Ichilov; Prof. Abraham Czerniak, Director of the Department of General Surgery and Hepatobiliary Surgery at Sheba; Dr. Amir Szold, senior surgeon and founder of the Unit of Endoscopic Surgery at Ichilov. These three physicians appear in the list of “Israel’s Best Doctors” published annually and hold senior positions in professional medical organizations in Israel and abroad.Among the fields in which Assia Medical provides treatment are:General Surgery
oncological, endocrine, hepatobiliary, pancreatic and gall bladder surgery as well as upper and lower digestive tract, colo-proctology, laparoscopic surgery, vascular surgery, thoracic surgery and invasive radiology.

Lady Assia
This multidisciplinary medical center for breast medicine is based on an exclusive multidisciplinary working model for breast health. Lady Assia unites the finest specialist physicians in the field of breast care under one roof and caters to all the patient’s needs: surgery, plastic surgery, oncology, oncoplastics and imaging.

The center is equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment and instruments in the field. Similarly, the center offers a complete support system in all the medical and administrative aspects to provide personal and comprehensive attention through all the stages of the treatment of the patient.

Assia Medical – Surgery & Interventional Medicine Center

Tel : +972-3-7645444 * Fax : +972-3-7644445

20 Habarzel st., Tel Aviv 67910, Israel

Services at Lady Assia

  1. Periodic breast examinations.
  2. Imaging: mammography and ultrasound, with immediate results to reduce tension and anxiety.
  3. Biopsies – with quick answers within only two to three days.
  4. Consultation and surgery by leading surgeons.
  5. Reconstruction by plastic surgeons.
  6. Genetic consultation

Icbs– Israeli Center bariatric surgery:

This is the leading multidisciplinary center in Israel for weight loss surgery and treatment of obesity. The center was founded in 2005 as a result of the dramatic rise in obesity in Israel in order to provide comprehensive professional medical services for patients to cope with obesity and support them along the long road of weight loss and the struggle to maintain it. The multidisciplinary approach to obesity, brought to Israel by ICBS, is based on the concept that the treatment of obesity should be carried out by combining the efforts of experts in various fields Icbs’s activities include:

  1. Diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of the problem of obesity while observing the medical, socio-psychological and dietary perspective.
  2. Comprehensive support of the patient before, during and after surgery, offering services and tools to cope with the expected changes, which follow such surgery.
  3. Drawing up an individual weight loss program.
  4. Adapting a surgical solution to suit the individual patient (gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, duodenal bypass or gastric balloon). 
  5. Offering a choice of surgical options, which include support and follow by the team for a year in support groups.
  6. Body shaping surgery following weight loss.
  7. The services of the Center for Gastroenterology and Nutrition – routine endoscopic procedures: gastroscopy and colonoscopy, stent implantation and comprehensive nutritional counseling.

The experience of private medical treatment offers patients:

  1. Significantly shorter waiting periods for testing and surgery.
  2. Surgical theaters with the most modern equipment in the world, complying with the highest Israeli standards.
  3. A pre-surgical unit in which all pre-operative testing can be carried out in one location. 
  4. A team of easily accessible house doctors and nursing staff made available by the center in addition to the private surgeon to accompany and support the patient throughout the treatment. 
  5. A paramedical team, including dieticians, psychologists, psychotherapists complements the team with support a complete support system in a variety of specialized fields.
  6. An administrative system attends to all the financial aspects of the surgery for the insured patient, including submitting forms and reimbursement claims.
  7. This unique treatment service is founded on the concept of individual care and comprehensive logistic support. 
  8. The best and most comfortable hospitalization conditions, available in Israel, with the option of a private room on a five star hotel standard.

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