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תודה לד"ר דין קרן – לאחר ניתוח בלון קיבה

מאת: אסיא 09.09.14
ד"ר דין קרן

גסטרואנטרולוג בכיר ומנהל המרפאה לגסטרואנטרולוגיה בריאטרית בבי"ח בני ציון, מומחה התזונה והגסטרואנטרולוגיה של אסיא מדיקל
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שלח שאלה
Letter written to the directors of Assia Medical

I am a patient of Assia medical, About a year ago, I had a intragastric balloon inserted by Dr Dean Keren as part of your program for lifestyle modification and weight loss.

I need to tell you that I never met a more attentive supporting and special doctor (person)!!!

When I was in Israel and abroad, during the half year with the balloon I had some problems, he was always there for me and made the whole successful process possible!!!

This support continued after we took it out, he was at my side till he knew I am fine again.

I lost nearly 20 kg, and currently I feel great!! Even now many months after the balloon removal, my weight is stable still being in contact as his main goal is long standing success of the whole process.

You should be proud of having such a doctor in your team.

Wishing you a lot of success

All the best

D. H